Superyacht Security Awareness:

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Course Description:

Superyacht security has been a growing topic of late, with the reported and documented threats of acts of terrorism against Superyachts transiting through the Mediterranean by the so-called Islamic State, to acts of Maritime Piracy & Armed Robbery.

The security and therefore the safety of the yacht, crew, guests and owners is also a daily consideration for any Ship Security Officer worth his salt. To that end, it is the responsibility of the SSO to provide all members of the crew with the relevant security training.

Complementing the Online MCA Approved (STCW ISPS) Proficiency in Security Awareness Course that we offer, the Superyacht Security Awareness course is tailored purely as the title suggests towards the SuperYacht Sector, making it unique amongst Maritime Security Courses.

Learners will receive related instruction on key aspects of maintaining security awareness as well as understanding the expected requirements placed upon them as members of the crew, regardless of whether they have designated security duties on board or not.

The following are the five key learning objectives that are associated with the course.

  1. The learner will receive instruction on maintaining security awareness and promoting vigilance amongst all members of the crew and persons frequenting the yacht regularly and how to report a security-related incident.
  2. The learner will receive instruction on maintaining security with regard to Sensitive Security-Related Information (SSRI) on board the vessel and whilst ashore.
  3. The learner will receive instruction on anti-piracy countermeasures that can be used to assist in the risk of a security-related incident.
  4. The learner will appreciate the use and meanings of the three maritime security levels, and how and why they are used.
  5. The learner will understand the requirement for following the relevant Ship Security Plan & Counter-Piracy Plan when transiting through areas of medium to high-threat.

Course Subjects:

  • Requirement for Training
  • Maritime Piracy & Armed Robbery
  • Post-Incident Actions
  • Maritime Terrorism
  • Other Acts of Criminality
  • Threats & Risks
  • Maritime Security Levels
  • ARM Considerations
  • Crew-Related Issues
  • Plans & SSAS
  • Acts of Deterrence
  • Anti-Piracy Countermeasures
  • The Citadel Methodology
  • Security Briefings & Roles

Course Certification:

On completion of this course, learners will receive a Certificate of Completion from Virtual Training Centre Limited.

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