Jetski Braking Systems

Seadoo no longer has dibs on offering 'the worlds only on-water brake'

Previously the market leaders in the braking technology Seadoo's IBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) are now in competition with Yamaha's new technology introduction for 2014 the RiDE system (Reverse with intuitive Deceleration Electronics). 

Yamaha - The revolutionary new RiDE system transforms your riding pleasure, bringing a new feeling of confidence to every rider at every level. Simply pull the throttle lever on the right hand-grip to move forward and accelerate - pull the lever on the left grip to slow down or reverse. Yes, it's really that simple!

Seadoo's claim until 2014 - THE WORLD’S ONLY ON-WATER BRAKE Stop your watercraft with the squeeze of a lever. Squeeze it again to go in reverse. The brake handlebar is on the left and the acceleration on the right, allowing both hands to remain on the handlebars – for more safety and effortless docking.