Becoming A Recognised Superyacht (Jetski) Licence Training Centre

Many Captains, Charter Agents and Managing agents don't realise that you can set up a Superyacht as an RYA training centre, which means you are able to offer an RYA certificated course to your guests, owners and crew.

Having your crew qualified as RYA PWC instructors is the first step to offering safe training, but being able to follow the RYA guidelines will allow you to issue certificates (that have interpretations in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish etc) that will satisfy most waterbourne authorities. The RYA Introduction to PWC safety course takes approximately 1 hour to deliver and allows your guests, owners & crew to hold an RYA certificate for the duration of their charter. With over 500 Superyachts (4/2023) recognised as RYA training centres and more signing up weekly, the proof of success is in the numbers! 

The document required to become a PWC licence training centre is similar to a mini-ISM; called a 'Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Safety manual which is a PWC, RYA and vessel specific document. The creation of this document is within the capabilties of the senior staff onboard, but many Yachts choose to outsource this process in order to save time, or simply to ensure they have everything in place before their RYA inspection. 

Our consultants are all trained RYA Superyacht inspectors, so are fully aware of and up to date with RYA requirements and guidelines; this allows the Yacht to have a constant source of support and direction as and when questions arise through the process. 

How to set up your yacht as a PWC (Jetski) training centre:

Superyacht RYA Jetski Training Centre Set up Process

Remote consultancy service

Let us do the work for you. We will create your vessel specific operating procedures eManual and safety policy to be 'inspection ready'. All you have to do is complete a quick and simple e-questionnaire with your vessel specific data, we'll do the rest. 

The information will then be collated and put together at our UK office, once complete the link and password to access the full eDocument (hosted on our website) will be emailed to you. Step by step instructions will be provided so you know what to do next. 

Click here for more details and prices. 

Application for RYA Training Centre Recognition Process:

  1. Submit 'RYA Expression of Interest form' to RYA at
  2. Make sure you have at least one qualified RYA PWC (Personal Watercraft) instructor onboard.
  3. Read the RYA guidance notes for training centres, RYA PWC training centre checklistRYA Powerboat training centre checklist to see if your Superyacht is suitable to become an RTE (recognised teaching establishment). Also, refer to the RYA Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety for Guests on Superyachts Guide and the Voluntary Code of Practice for watersports in the Superyacht Industry. (Downloads of these are further down this page)
  4. Prepare all your relevant paperwork including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Health & Safety Manual, Risk Assessments, Emergency Action plan etc.
  5. Ensure you have all the kit the RYA require for your Tender/s  and PWC
  6. Complete an RYA Application for recognition form (AR1), RYA Power Application Form (R-P), Recognition Payment Form (RP) & send it to RYA HQ or email it to the annual fee is £714.00 + VAT (2024) or £929.00 + VAT (2024) for new applications
  7. Once the application for recognition is processed an RYA inspector will be nominated to you, they will normally be based in the UK so a mutually convenient date will need to be sought, flights etc arranged. You will be liable for your inspectors travel expenses such as flights, airport transfers (and accommodation if necessary) from the UK onwards, you are however not liable for their UK related expenses. 
  8. The inspection process normally takes around 1/2 a day (please see the RYA guidance notes, RYA inspection report form and this link for what they will be looking for). 
  9. The inspector will then advise you as to whether or not he/she will be recommending you for recognition, if there are any concerns then an 'action plan' will be issued with a list of requirements/ 'jobs' that must be completed prior to recognition being granted.
  10. The inspector will then submit the inspection report form to RYA HQ (UK), assuming a positive outcome, the RYA will then send you your recognition certificate at which time you will be able to order certificates and can start offering the 'RYA Introduction to PW safety course' onboard to your guests and crew.
RYA Expression of Interest Form
RYA Expression_of_interest.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 95.6 KB
RYA Recognition Application Process
Adobe Acrobat Document 182.2 KB
RYA Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety for Guests on Superyachts Guide
Intro to PWC on Superyachts.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 279.4 KB
Voluntary Code of Practice for watersports in the Superyacht Industry
Superyacht Watersports Code of Practice
Adobe Acrobat Document 344.3 KB

PWC (jetski) Certificates

Once you have received notification from RYA training that your recognition has been granted, you can then order your RYA Personal Watercraft Safety Certificates. You can set up an RYA Credit Account so that you can order your certificates via email 

Alternatively you can make orders over the telephone (+44 2380 604132) and pay by credit card each time. You will need to quote your RYA training centre account number in order to do this. 

RYA PWC Safety Certificates are sold in packs of x 10 and cost £65.00 (ex VAT) per pack (3/2024)

Order code: PWSY

Some of our valued clients


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  • M/Y Black Rock - 24m
  • M/Y Etoile D’Azur - 26m
  • M/Y Katariina - 27m
  • M/Y Triple 888 Eight - 29.6m
  • M/Y Quo Vadis - 27m
  • M/Y Blue Pearl - 27m
  • M/Y Tahi - 28.4m
  • M/Y Kyrenia - 30m
  • M/Y Mahalo - 30m
  • M/Y Oceans Five - 30m
  • M/Y Smooth Operator - 30m
  • M/Y Ares - 33m
  • M/Y Kamino - 34m
  • M/Y Soulmate - 34m
  • M/Y Bellamor - 35m
  • M/Y Enchantress - 35m
  • M/Y Helios - 35.5m
  • M/Y Delta One - 36m
  • M/Y Cocoon - 37m
  • M/Y Emocean - 37.8m
  • M/Y RH Three - 38m
  • M/Y Nataly S - 38.36m
  • M/T Ocean Club - 38.7m
  • M/Y Lionshare - 39.6m
  • M/Y Chasing Daylight - 39.62m


  • M/Y ZOZO - 40m
  • M/Y Luisa M - 40m
  • M/Y Anka - 40m
  • M/Y Le Verseau - 40m
  • M/Y Aziza - 40m
  • M/Y Equus - 40m
  • M/Y Ladyship - 41m
  • M/Y taTii - 41m
  • M/Y Fifty - 41.93m
  • M/Y Moka - 42m
  • M/Y Willow - 42m
  • M/Y Globas - 43m
  • M/Y Muchos Mas - 43.9m
  • M/Y Megan - 44m
  • M/Y G3 - 44m
  • M/Y Hom - 44m
  • M/Y Paladin - 47.55m
  • M/Y Luisa M - 47.6m
  • M/Y Teleost - 49m
  • M/Y Home - 49m
  • M/Y Michaela Rose - 49m
  • M/Y Ocean Club - 49m
  • M/Y Ouranos - 49.6m
  • M/Y Thunder - 49.84m
  • M/Y Silver Lining - 49.98m
  • M/Y Fantasea - 49.9m
  • M/Y Fifty - 49.9m


  • M/Y Belongers - 50m
  • M/Y Ileria - 50m
  • M/Y Plan B - 50m
  • M/Y Chasing Daylight - 50m
  • M/Y Ouranos - 50m
  • M/Y Trending - 50m
  • M/Y Inception - 50m
  • M/Y Sapphire - 50m
  • M/Y Silver Lining - 50m
  • M/Y Lamu - 50.8m
  • M/Y MySky - 51m
  • M/Y RMF - 52m
  • M/Y Grace - 52.3m 
  • M/Y Unicorn - 54m
  • M/Y Keri Lee III - 54m
  • S/Y Tiara - 54m
  • M/Y Nomad - 54.9m
  • M/Y Atlante - 55m
  • M/Y Azamanta - 55m
  • M/Y Somnium - 55m
  • M/Y Quinta Essentia - 55m
  • M/Y Galvas - 56m
  • M/Y Ambition - 56m
  • M/Y Halo - 57.45m
  • M/Y Pink Shadow - 58m
  • M/Y Meamina - 59.3m
  • M/Y Comfortably Numb - 60m
  • M/Y Irimari - 63m
  • M/Y Satori - 63m
  • M/Y Life Saga - 65m
  • M/Y Callisto - 65m
  • M/Y Triple Seven - 68m
  • M/Y Nebula - 68.2m


  • M/Y Polaris - 70m
  • M/Y Skat - 71m
  • M/Y Cloudbreak - 72.5m
  • M/Y Grace - 73m
  • M/Y Artisan - 73.6m
  • M/Y Synthesis - 74m
  • M/Y Plan B - 75m
  • M/Y Arrow - 75m
  • M/Y Wheels - 75m
  • M/Y Huntress - 75.4m
  • M/Y Go - 77m
  • M/Y Sliver Fast - 77m
  • M/Y Legend - 77.4m
  • M/Y Hampshire 2 - 78m
  • M/Y Artefact - 80m
  • MSV U-81 - 80.1m
  • S/Y Sea Eagle - 81m
  • M/Y Pacific - 85m
  • M/Y Areti - 85m
  • M/Y Victorious - 85m
  • M/Y Livia O - 89m
  • M/Y Cloud 9 - 89m
  • S/Y Athena - 90m
  • Yacht H3 - 105m
  • M/Y Amadea - 106m
  • M/Y Alaiya - 111m 
  • M/Y Liva O - 118m
  • M/Y Al Lusail - 123m
  • M/Y Katara - 124m
  • M/Y Dilbar - 156m