RYA jetski (PWC) Instructor Course

Onboard training for your crew anywhere in the U.K. or Marine Education, Poole, U.K. or at a European training centre.

An RYA PWC (jetski) instructor can teach the RYA PWC Proficiency course at a land based recognised RYA training centre. 

When working onboard a Yacht that is an RYA training centre, the instructor can deliver the Superyacht specific, RYA Introduction to Personal Watercraft Safety course to the Owners and Guests onboard.

superyacht jetski instructor training

Instructor Course Duration:- Three days (the last day is 'moderated')

Pre-requisites:- RYA PWC proficiency certificate, good PWC handling experience. First Aid certificate (STCW 95 or similar, first aid certificates approved by RYA) and RYA Membership.

It is also benefical to have a good amount of navigation and theory knowledge (including IRPCS, Byelaws, Buoyage, Tides, Weather etc)

Outcome: Assuming a successful pass, you will be able to teach the RYA PWC Proficiency course and the RYA Introduction to PWC Safety course. 


Example Course Content:

Day 1: (Trainer/Instructor) RYA Jetski (PWC) Proficiency Course

Day 2: (Trainer) Practice and observe teaching styles, communication skills, course programming and management, provision of useful course model, session planning, the use of visual aids.

Day 3: (Trainer) The instructors role, teaching practical sessions from the PW syllabus, RYA Scheme, teaching pilotage and theory subjects (i.e. weather, tides, navigation, buoyage etc), presentation techniques.

Day 4: (Trainer & Moderator) Session plan review, teaching sessions from the PW syllabus (possibly with real students), individual and group debriefs. RYA recognition information


Onboard RYA Jetski (PWC) Instructor Training - What's Involved?

RYA PWC Proficiency course 

Compulsory pre-requisite for crew attending instructor course

Duration: 1 day

Maximum students: 6 (maximum 2 students per PWC)

RYA PWC Instructor course

Duration: 3 days

Minimum students: 3 (maximum 2 per PWC/jetski)

Maximum students: 6 

Optional RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course / Direct Assessment

Duration: 1 - 2 days

Minimum students: 1 

Maximum students: 3


RYA jetski instructor course

Option 1: RYA Training onboard your Superyacht (in the U.K.)

superyacht pwc jetski

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) offers both the one-day RYA Personal Watercraft Certificate at various RYA Training Centres, as well as the provision for Yachts to become RYA Training Centres, offering the RYA Introduction to PWC Safety Certificates onboard to guests, owners and crew after appropriate training.

The first steps are to ensure you have a minimum of one RYA PWC instructor onboard (see below) and the relevant training centre operating procedures in place (see certifying guests). 

If you would like to get a group (maximum six instructor students per course) trained up to become RYA PWC instructors then you are able to have an RYA PWC Trainer come to you and run the course onboard your Yacht. This Trainer can also run an RYA PWC proficiency course prior to the instructor course if required to meet the instructor course pre-requisites. On the last day of the three day instructor course, a second trainer must attend to 'moderate' the course. 

Requirements For Onboard Training

Attendance requirements: 

  • Minimum of 3 crew (maximum 6)

Country & Area requirements:

  • Permission to use PWC (jetski's)
  •  Adequate insurance 

RYA requirements: 

  • Your Yacht must either by an existing RYA training centre OR
  • Your Yacht must have applied for RYA recognition before the course commences (we can assist you with this). 

Kit requirements: 

  • Minimum of 2 x PWC (jetski's)
  • Tender / rescue boat with relevant safety equipment
  • 4 x high visibility marker buoys
  • Chart of local area & plotting equipment

Crew pre-requisites:

  • PWC (jetski) riding experience 
  • STCW first aid or similar 
  • RYA Membership*
  • RYA PWC proficiency certificate
  • Buoyancy aid / impact vest
  • Appropriate clothing, footwear & sundries
  • 1 x Passport photos with name printed on the reverse
  • 1 x Digital passport photo 


* RYA membership is an additional cost paid directly to the RYA but can be arranged by us. 

What Is Included

  • RYA PWC proficiency course for up to 6 x crew*
  • RYA PWC eHandbook & certificate (1 per student)
  • RYA PWC instructor course for up to 6 x crew**
  • RYA PWC instructor course moderation for up to 6 x crew

* Assuming RYA PWC requirements are met - Max 2 crew per 1 sit down PWC

** RYA PWC instructor requirements - minimum 3 crew to attend, using a minimum of 2 x sit-down PWC

What Is Excluded

  • RYA Membership fees
  • Trainer & Moderator travel to your location and travel days where applicable (location dependant)
  • Trainer & Moderator accommodation whilst at your location
  • RYA training centre recognition fees (where applicable)

Option 2: Crew Training at Marine Education - RYA Training centre (Poole Harbour, U.K.)

Individual or 'whole crew' training options at Marine Education, RYA training centre in Poole Harbour, Dorset (U.K.). We can offer the RYA Jetski (PWC) Proficiency Course, RYA Jetski (PWC) Instructor Course using  2022 & 2023 Yamaha Waverunner's, along with the option to complete the RYA Powerboat Level 2, RYA Tender Operator and RYA Advanced Powerboat Courses. If you have a smaller group or single crew member this may be a more cost effective option for you. We can also facilitate this training for up to 6 crew members on each course. 

Superyacht Crew RYA Jetski Instructor Course

What is Included

  • RYA PWC proficiency course for up to 6 x crew
  • RYA PWC Handbook & certificate (1 per student)
  • RYA PWC instructor course for up to 6 x crew**
  • RYA PWC instructor course moderation for up to 6 x crew
  • Use of 2022/2023 Yamaha Waverunner Jetski's
  • Use of wetsuits, impact buoyancy aids, wetsuit shoes

** RYA PWC instructor requirements - minimum 3 crew to attend, using a minimum of 2 x sit-down PWC

What is Excluded

  • RYA Membership fees
  • Crew travel to our U.K. base
  • Crew accommodation 

Option 3: PWC Crew Training at a land based centre in Europe



Location: Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France


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Location: Antibes, France


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Location: Antibes, France


Adventure Sports Grimaud Sea School

Location: Grimaud, France


Antibes Ship Training

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Deep Blue Sea Training

Location: Palma, Mallorca



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Barcelona Crew Academy

Location: Barcelona


Barcelona Watersports

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