Annual RYA PWC (Jetski) centre inspections

Prior Preparation

  • Download and print off an RYA inspection report form
  • Complete the shaded sections on the inspection report from
  • Review and ensure you comply with the RYA Training centre guidance notes
  • If you have had a change of Captain / Principal please read HERE

You can access the relevant forms via your Yacht training centres RYA website login. 

Inspector's Costs

RYA Recognised Training Centres that are subject to the non-UK recognition fee will, in addition to the annual recognition fee, provide or cover the cost of the inspector's international travel, airport transfers, accommodation (if required) and subsistence required for the centre’s inspection.  

Where extensive travel is required, additional payment to cover travel days will be charged. 

Where an area has multiple RYA Training Centres, the inspector will make every effort to co-ordinate inspections to enable the costs to be shared between the RTCs concerned. Any RYA Training Centre that cannot be inspected as part of a co-ordinated visit of multiple centres must cover the cost of their own inspection as above.

A checklist of items your RYA inspector will want to view:





  • RYA PWC Proficiency certificate
  • RYA PWC Instructor certificate
  • Tender licence
  • First Aid certificate (if STCW, must have been completed within last 5 years)
  • RYA Membership number
  • Date of birth


  • RYA PWC Safety or Proficiency certificate
  • First Aid certificate (if STCW must have been completed within last 5 years)
  • Tender licence
  • Date of birth
RYA training centre inspection report form

A copy of the RYA Inspection Report form can be accessed via your training centre login on the RYA website. 

Relevant Sections Of RYA Guidance Notes

You can access the current RYA Recognition Guidance Notes via your Yacht training centres RYA website login. 

  • Pages 3 - 25: General requirements for recognition
  • Pages 45, 82-84: Specific PWC requirements
  • Page 41 & 43: Sample health declaration
  • Page 39-40: Dealing with a major accident
  • RYA Training centre checklist - Powerboats (see below)
  • RYA Training centre checklist - PWC (see below)
RYA training centre recognition guidance notes

Tender Equipment Checklist
RYA Powerboat Equipment Checklist.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 433.8 KB
PWC Equipment Checklist
RYA PWC Equipment Checklist.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 215.4 KB

Top Tip

  • Check your Tender and PWC killcords have a thread core (rather than being entirely plastic), this is one of the items your inspector may check whilst onboard. 
  • Ensure your kill cord on both you Tender/s and PWC/s are fully functional prior to your inspection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do I have to be inspected? 

A. Every year you wish to hold RYA recognition you are required to have an inspection. This can be any time during the year (feb-dec) but it makes sense to have your RYA inspection carried out in the first half of the year (prior to your season) to ensure you are fully up to date and compliant. 


Q.Where can I have my RYA inspection completed? 

A. Within reason, anywhere. However, as you are liable for the flight costs/travel etc for your inspector, it makes most sense to have your inspection completed in Europe. 95% of RYA Inspectors are based in the UK so it is likely you will be flying them from this destination. 


Q. How long will the inspection take? 

A. Assuming you are prepared and have everything in place your RYA inspection should take approximately 3 hours. 


Q. Do I need to pay for the RYA inspection? 

A. No, the RYA inspection fee is part of your annual recognition fee. However, you are liable for your inspectors travel costs and if they need to fly out the day before then their accommodation too. 


Q. Who is my RYA Inspector?

A. A different inspector will be allocated to you each year by the RYA. You do not have the option to 'choose' who inspects you. The allocated inspector will be given your email contact details so they can contact you directly to agree a mutually viable date for your RYA inspection, you will also be notified by the RYA as to who your RYA inspector will be. 


Q. Do I need to launch my PWC (jetski/s) & Tender/s? 

A. There should be no need to launch your craft, as long as they accessible to view by your RYA inspector and they have the option to request you start the engine to demonstrate the use of the kill cord then this should be more than adequate. 


Q. Who needs to present during the RYA Inspection? 

A. Either the Chief Instructor or Principal of your training centre must be present for the inspection. 


Q. Do we need an inspection if our Yacht has a RYA Training Centre certificate valid until January next year?

A. Yes, as part of the RYA recognition agreement you must have one RYA inspection every year between mid-feb to mid-Dec in order to retain your recognition.