Consultancy 'Preparation and Paperwork'

Becoming A Recognised PWC / Jetski Licence Training Centre

We know how busy you are, that time is precious and needs to be well-used, so let us take the leg-work out of the process of getting RYA PWC (jetski) training centre recognition and the ability to offer licences to your guests. We offer a full-package that takes all the questions out of the process, gives peace of mind and ensures your valuable time can be spent on more pressing matters.

Generally your ISM or mini-ISM (International Safety Management Code) is simply too broad to cover the specifics required for PWC/jetski activities and, in our experience, rarely comprehensively addresses the issue of operating personal watercraft from a yacht. By outsourcing this process to us, you ensure that the processes and procedures applied to Personal Watercraft Operations represent best practice, ensuring that you are minimising the chance of incidents and maximising the protection that you are affording your guests, the crew and officers.

As RYA Training Centre Inspectors (meaning we inspect yachts for the RYA) and as RYA Powerboat and Personal Watercraft Trainers (meaning that we run the PW Instructor courses for the RYA) we can ensure that the manuals we produce represent accurately both current best practice and the recommended ways of running PW operations on board safely.

Our Remote Consultancy Service

So, what do you get? 

  • We prepare a comprehensive document specific to your vessel. The manual you get is created by consultants who have over 15 years in the industry and 10 years specialising in this niche market. All our consultants are both RYA PWC Instructor Trainers and RYA Superyacht Training Centre Inspectors. 


This file contains: 

  • Detailed operational procedures manual addressing all aspects of PW operations
  • Risk assessments - generic and per location
  • Child protection policy
  • Major incident policy / Emergency action plan
  • Various forms including: PW users list, Instructors and Supervisors list, PW control sheets, Records, Logs, Checklists etc. 
  • Emergency Radio Procedures 
  • Training aids cards 


What's involved:

  • We remotely prepare your yacht specific PWC RYA Training Centre operating procedures manual, safety policy, emergency action plan and all other relevant documentation required to meet the governing body requirements. All information will be gathered via an eQuestionnaire. (Note: If we are onboard undertaking training, then we can complete a 'hand-over' and crew briefing/induction to the documents if required). 
  • On completion, an A4 file of this entire document will be sent to you, along with a USB with copies of any documents that will need to be re-printed on a frequent basis. 
  • Advice and guidance on equipment requirements (items can also be purchased from us)
  • On-going email contact with a Training Centre Inspector and PWC Instructor Trainer for any questions you may have or advice you require.
  • If required, arrangement of a quote for competitively priced PWC Instructor training courses, tender driving courses carried out onboard your yacht (anywhere in the Europe). Click here for more information on training. 

Service Fees


Cost is dependant on the vessel size and number of Personal Watercraft (jetskis) you have onboard as this will impact the size, length and content of your document - prices generally range from £500-00 - £800-00 

To take advantage of this package or for more information simply complete the quote request form: 

Some Of Our Valued Clients

Reviews From Clients

"They were extremely happy with everything, especially the paperwork that you have supplied us" - M/Y Dilbar


"I am once again looking to use your services!  We are set up here as a training centre and have a folder in place, it was all written in house, and approved, but nothing seems to stand up to the thoroughness and ease of use of yours so I am hoping to have one put in place" - M/Y Mischief


"I just had our annual inspection and passed, with huge help from your folder which the RYA inspector was very impressed with." - M/Y G3