RYA Inspection Preparation:

Change of RYA Principal or RYA Chief Instructor?

RYA Instructor Certificates:

Valid for: 5 years

Revalidation Process - you can submit a revalidation form FOC online if you have the following: 

  • Evidence of 30 hours of PWC instruction within the last 5 years
  • Valid First Aid certificate
  • Current RYA Membership

If 30 hours of instruction has not been completed you must: 

Expired Instructor Certificate: 

If your qualification is more than one year out of date you must: 

If your qualification is 2 or more years out of date you will need to re-do the instructor course

RYA PWC Safety Certificates:

Valid for:

Crew: 1 year, Owners / Regular Guests: 6 months, Charter Guests: Duration of charter